Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to school

It's the end of our first week back to school and I think we're both feeling pretty readjusted to our normal routine. The actual getting back to it is never as bad as the day or two before, I think. Anyway we only had a 4-day week with the kids, which also helped make the week a little easier.

I'm definitely feeling a bit anxious about the next 8 weeks. Basketball practice has me at school every night until 6, and then I'm taking 3 more classes this quarter. Plus we have 4 basketball games, 3 of which will mean overnights in neighboring villages (and hopefully we won't get stuck anywhere - last year the basketball team got stuck in another village for NINE DAYS). So it'll be a busy two months. But basketball will be over by the end of February and then my classes will be done in mid-March. I'll still have two more classes to take after that, but that'll be a little easier without basketball.

We had a wonderful time on the east coast, seeing our families and some friends. The time always goes too quickly, of course, and it's always a little tricky trying to see both of our families. But I relaxed to the point where I forgot what day it was, and I love when that happens.

I was sort of hoping that there would be a ton of snow here in the Village when we got back, but there still isn't much. In places you can see the tundra grass sticking up. I guess the snow will come eventually. The wind has been pretty crazy though. Today it was really hard to get up the hill to school. At one point B and I couldn't take the next step, the wind was basically just keeping us from moving forward. And it's SO loud, it sounds like a roaring ocean.

Not too much to report - we're working on a podcast and will post the link here when we finish our first one.

Oh, one other quick story - for basketball the kids have to fill out these eligibility forms that list all their classes and teachers. One of our junior high students, she's a little scatterbrained at the best of times and couldn't remember what she had first hour. Instead of checking the schedule or asking a friend, she handed in her form with the first box labeled "learning whatever". Which turned out to be reading.


  1. wow - I've been waiting for your first blog of 2010. Sounds like you're going to be busy for the next few months and that's probably a pretty good way to be. The time will pass very quickly, you'll not dwell on the things that you're not too happy about and plus you're doing something different. I'm hopeful it will turn out to be fun. You've never been one to turn away from a challange. Hmmm no mention about the new member of your family in your blog!!!!!
    Well sounds like the first week is behind you and you're well into heading deeper into 2010 in the arctic. Stay warm here's a big hug for you. mommie
    PS poor girl - I can sure relate to the scatterbrain syndrome

  2. The above reference to a "new member of the family" is regarding an inanimate object. No pregnancies or new pets for us at this time.