Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mail Move

We have mailed 15 boxes home so far. I know this because we have lettered each one and letter "O" went out on Wednesday. We have a spreadsheet with the dates each box was sent, the way it was mailed and whatever tracking information we put on it. We also listed the contents of the boxes. We have lists of what we're leaving here that we need to buy when we get home, what we need to pack to ship home before we go and what needs to end up in our bags to bring with us. We have one more box to ship that is mostly empty right now. It's going to contain any last minute items that we have not yet remembered or been able to send already (such as my French press and our rubber boots). There's nothing on our walls, we're using the few pots and pans we found at the apartment when we got there and I'm down to 4 shirts and three pairs of pants. Internet and phone are cancelled. Mail forwarding is in place. We're ready to go. (This is not to say that we don't leave with some sadness. I'm just illustrating that we're ready.)
My hope is that the weather stays warms so the snow melts enough to make using a 4-wheeler easy. Right now we've got a mix of slushy snow and open ground making neither snow machine nor 4-wheeler a very good option. Last weekend I snow machined to the post office with the sled attached and two passengers in tow. We got stuck in the dirt right away and then the sled detached on the way back. I'm hoping the ride this weekend is easier.

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  1. I think it's really interesting that you have almost 5000 miles to go to get home and you're mostly worried about the first three quarters of a mile. Just don't be late arriving at Tununak International - you know, there's checking your bags, getting our seat assignments, picking up your boarding passes, having that last cup of coffee before going down the jet way; and all you can think about is snow machine or 4 wheeler??